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Boston Virtual ARTCC (BVA) is a free, immersive, and realistic air traffic control community for pilots and aviation enthusiasts. We provide air traffic control within the Boston ARTCC on VATSIM. In addition, we have an active community of pilots who work with the controllers to create one of the most realistic air traffic control environments available online.

BVA provides everything a pilot needs to get connected and start flying. Alongside a library of online learning material, we operate a one-of-a-kind self-study training program designed to teach flying within the ATC system. Through Wings Over New England, pilots get a tour of our home airspace while learning more about common virtual aviation topics. Most importantly, BVA is a truly communal environment of pilots and controllers where everyone is willing to learn and happy to help.

Our rigorously trained and certified online controllers work together with our pilots to provide the most immersive, realistic flight simulation experience available from the comfort of your home.

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There are no special requirements for BVA pilots. Simply decide where you wish to fly, connect to the network, file a flight plan (if necessary), speak to the relevant controllers, and start flying. If you are new to online flying, we’ll be happy to help orient you to the VATSIM world. If you are a VATSIM pilot looking to take your flying to the next level, consider joining our active community of pilots.

In-Depth Training

Our controllers are trained to real-world FAA standards, so pilots receive FAA-level service flying through our airspace.

Immersive Realism

We equip our controllers with real-world local knowledge, allowing pilots to get a realistic experience, even at smaller airports.

An Active Community

As one of the most active air traffic control facilities in the US, you’ll find us regularly covering Boston, New England and upstate New York airports.

Apply Today for Free!

Our community accepts applications from prospective members who are serious about realistic and professional aviation simulation. The application process is designed to ensure members who are willing to learn become part of the community. There are no knowledge prerequisites; we provide everything you need to know. Joining costs nothing, but provides access to pages of reading material, self-study guides, and our knowledgeable community of fellow pilots.
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Our comprehensive air traffic control training program, based on the FAA JO 7110.65, covers everything you need to know about providing realistic online ATC.

Wings Over New England

Wings Over New England is designed to help pilots of all skill levels get up and flying. No need to wait for an instructor: the program is self-paced and available any time ATC is online.

Cape Air Virtual

Modeled after the real-world Cape Air, which operates a fleet of Cessna 402s in the Northeast, BVA’s official virtual airline has operations, hubs, and flights across our ARTCC.

General Aviation Events

BVA hosts regular events designed for general aviation aircraft. Our events often feature smaller airports with full staffing, and are designed to encourage VFR closed traffic, practice approaches, and other GA-oriented maneuvers.

Ground School

BVA hosts a series of “Ground School” webinars designed to cover popular virtual aviation subjects. Hosted by CFIs, aviation professionals, and flight simmers, these sessions cover Weather, VFR and IFR Flying, RNAV, Holds, and more.


Boston Virtual ARTCC is a founding sponsor of FlightSimExpo, North America’s community-driven flight simulation conference. At FSExpo, our community comes together “live and in person” to control, fly, and live aviation.




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